AspenHotGlass' Shop Announcement

In this Aspen Hot Glass Etsy store you will find unique one of a kind, hand blown glass items made by husband and wife team Bill and Rae Grout. Their blown glass makes great gifts for that special someone or for oneself. These art pieces are functional and beautiful created in their glass studio overlooking the Bitterroot Valley of Montana ~ Big Sky County. Below is a list of just some of the wide range of hand crafted glass art Bill and Rae create:

Vortex and Italian Soft Glass Marbles: these are designed for the discriminating marble enthusiast / collector or the little kid at heart. Aspen Hot Glass’s Vortex marbles are made by Bill Grout using borosilicate glass with gold or silver fuming for interior detail. The marbles have an optical illusion of depth. The Soft glass marbles are made by Rae Grout using Moretti soft glass from Italy with an organic beach, aquarium or garden sense. All marbles are kiln annealed and signed and dated.

Wine Bottle Stoppers: for every occasion to brighten someone’s day or enhance their wino accessory collection. These are great gifts and they come in an Aspen Hot Glass gift box with a card detailing the type of glass used. The bottle stopper tops are created by Rae using Moretti soft glass from Italy.

Pixie Orbs: Pixie Orbs attract Pixies Fairies that bring good luck. The orbs remind Pixies of flowers and beautiful gardens. When they come to inspect the orbs the Pixie’s find them to be a fun and magnificent treat and reward the orbs owner by bestowing them with good luck. These fun glass orbs are hand blown by Bill Grout using Borosilicate glass with webs inside to catch light and make it sparkle in the sun. Rae creates the wire work chain enhancing the orbs with Crystals and Bills ribbon cane bead worked into the chain.

Hand Blown Glass Roses: To make these lovely Montana roses Rae uses Borosilicate or Italn soft glass. After the glass blowing and anealing press she makes the stem out of a stainless steel rod, rubber coates it and hand paints the stem. These come in an Aspen Hot Glass gift box with a card detailing the glass.

Hand Blown Glass Globe Ornaments: These lovely globe ornaments are hand blown by Bill Grout using Borosilicate glass. They come with the attached hanger ~ ready to display in a window, as a tree ornament or can be a sun catcher all year around. These would also make a great addition to any outdoor garden or patio.

Hand blown Glass Drawer Pull / Cabinet Knobs: These stunning glass knobs would
dress up any kitchen, bathroom, entire houses or just a dresser or as a French door enhancement. Bill makes these to order and he has about a 1 week lead time for orders up to 25. He is happy to make more than 25 but may need more than 1 week to create them. These finely crafted cabinet drawer pulls are designed for universal use and replacement of standard modern cabinet knobs. Thay are made of borosilicate glass by Bill Grout. The brass threaded insert is epoxied in place for guaranteed durability. Included are standard 1” 8/32 machine screws, which will work for most all applications.
After the flam work process they are annealed in a kiln run by a digital ramping controller.

Bill and Rae’s Story:

Bill and Rae Grout are a glass artists who have a company called Aspen Hot Glass named after aspen trees on their 10 acre farm overlooking the beautiful Bitterroot Valley. Bill has been blowing glass since 1993 and Rae started blowing glass in 2002. Their organic gardens and orchards inspire the glass they design and their love of Montana can be seen in the pieces they create. Rae incorporates elements like lacing sterling silver mixed in ivory glass to generate wild reactions that emulates the rugged beauty of Yellowstone. Bill fumes his pendants and marbles using gold and silver to produce mystifying vortex effects. They both use a method called “hand blowing” to create their elegant glass using oxygen and propane torches and small blow pipes, after the glass blowing process their glass is kiln annealed for a minimum of 14 hours. This hand blown torch method mimics larger off hand glass blowing on a smaller scale and reduces energy consumption. Bill and Rae both have technical backgrounds that help them understand thermal dynamics and the fascinating properties of glass that is not a solid but a super cooled liquid ~ glass never attains a crystalline structure that many people associate with a solid. The Grout’s are starting to incorporate metal work with glass and find working with the thermal dynamics of metal is not that different than that of some glass types. In 2014 they released a series of garden art such as Pixie Orbs, Hummingbird Feeders and Sun catchers that put the “Art” back into garden art. They have both been published in several glass art publications.

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