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Graffiti Art in New York City
Ooh la la! Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
Flat Iron Building in New York City
Tower Bridge at Sunset in London, England

You want bright & colorful? I've got that in HEAPS!

I have been taking pictures of my friends and family for as long as I can remember. I was that person in school that everyone went to (and still does) to see if I had a particular picture of someone.

When I returned from London after my first visit there, I was so upset that the pictures I took were nowhere near the quality I wanted for hanging in my house. Thereafter, I set out on my goal to learn anything and everything I could to capture the images I saw in my mind and ensure they would come out exactly as I saw them.

It has been an amazing and wonderful journey. Can I be corny enough to say it was the activity that finally "completed" me? Once I became elbows deep in the passion and fun of photographing, the thoughts of "If I have this I will be happy" faded away. It is incredibly fulfilling and my artistic side is always brimming with bliss.

My hope is that the images I take bring some joy & colorful delight for anyone who views them.

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I like to think I am a pretty good mix of fantabulous with a strong dose of redunkulous.

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