Asylum Artwork and Oddities

From The Bowels Of The Asylum...

One girl, one fabulous faux hawk, and some very twisted ideas are the foundation of Asylum Artwork!
I've created a studio in my home called Asylum Artwork and Oddities, and that is where I go to think, create, relax and visit with my dead things. I love to collect all things odd and bizarre, and am fascinated with taxidermy and preserved specimens. I try to create things here in my studio that are not your "run of the mill" items. I love doing anatomical dissections, and enjoy the natural beauty that this world has to offer--both inside and outside of the organisms that inhabit it!
I love to collect antique oddities as well, and adore old medical and surgical instruments. Compared to the instruments of today, some of these antiques are so pedestrian, rudementary and utterly horrific, and that is exactly what attracts me to them. I also enjoy antique funeral items and am, in general, fascinated with life and death. Using these items in my artwork just feels right, to create a piece that is both beautiful and fear-inspiring at the same time. My art tends to be on the darker side of beautiful. I don't create things simply because I think they will "sell" or "bring in money". I create things that I love, things that I want to be a part of my world, but if someone else finds my work interesting--that's awesome! I love the pieces I create whether they are framed curios or preserved specimens, and I want to share my creations with others who enjoy the same kind of things.
Trust Me, I'm A Doctor
Owner, Maker, Designer, Curator, I Do It All!