Slip into your second skin

Atiu swimwear. Slip into your second skin.

Malin Elg and Soledad Race are the founders of Atiu swimwear.

Malin, originally from Sweden, lives today in East Hampton, NY. The dream of starting her own swimwear line has been with her for years and one day she took the leap and sat down to put her thoughts and ideas together.

For Malin, surfing is a big influence. Every trip she makes always includes surfing. She basically lives in her swimsuits and knows what good quality swimwear entails. Since swimsuits are always exposed to the sun, the salty water and winds, she thought of combining her ideas with Soledad’s sense of fashion and together they came up with a design that tolerates these elements, is fashionable, provides high performance and is planet-friendly.

Malin’s goal is to design swimwear that stays true to fit, keeps its shape and stays fashionable.

Summer and the beach is where Soledad’s vision for Atiu swimwear begins. Born and raised in Uruguay, a country renowned for its pristine beaches and rich natural beauty, time spent on the sands of Punta del Este inspired a lifelong love of the beach and the colors and patterns of summer. Her enthusiasm for launching Atiu Swimwear also springs from the sophisticated taste and eye for detail developed after she moved to Southampton, NY in 2006 and fell in love with high-end fashion.

The two lifelong friends and partners “jumped into the deep end” to create a great swimsuit line that makes women feel comfortable and look great while enjoying sports at the beach, whether out in the surf or on the sand.
Malin Elg & Soledad Race