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AtlantaIncense's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Atlanta Incense!


Our latest incense blend, HIPPIE STIX, is here!
Hippie Stix incense is hand-crafted naturally; each stick individually crafted using pure 100% essential oils and heavily scented. Each pack is like a bouquet of fresh cut flowers. The stalks or wand is bamboo allowing more of a natural burn. The sticks are charcoal based. Charcoal is a natural porous substance with natural absorption qualities allowing complete retention of the natural and floral oils used. Our incense is then allowed to dry naturally. Using only pure floral oils and natural resins, you are guaranteed a clean natural burn. This is true incense. We have no doubt you will be amazed no matter your selection.

Don't be fooled by the flooded incense market offering 'hand-dipped' incense. Over 90% of the incense sold today is commercial grade and cheaply mass produced by 'hand-dipping' cheap incense in fragrance/cosmetic/synthetic oils. The stick, called ‘punk’, consists of processed wood which is generally glued together. The ‘incense sticks are bundled together and hand-dipped up to 24 hours in a cosmetic (fragrance) oil blend which is chemical based. The drying process usually consists of blow drying with warm air. The sticks are then packaged and sold for pennies a stick; not very high quality incense. This commercial process emulates an un-natural burn with carcinogens and toxics filling up your space. Not much different from cigarette smoke. It is no surprise why some people are turned off from incense and complain about headaches.

My EARTH SCENTS incense is presented in two offerings; Stick Resins/Church Blends, and Stick Resins/Natural Resin Blends.

All are blessed by the earth and scented with gifts of nature.

CHURCH BLENDS/RESIN STICKS (Frankincense & Myrrh based) consist of ingredients indicative to its origin. Frankincense and Myrrh was, and still is in some parts of the world, a commodity. Depending on the country of origin, various oils and herbs custom to that part of the world were blended making it exclusive, adding to its trade value. Hence, my eclectic blends consist of natural ingredients from which can be found throughout Europe and the Mid-East (Rome,Greece,Egypt).

NATURAL RESIN BLENDS/RESIN STICKS is quality incense for those who appreciate true natural aroma blessed by the earth, scented with the gifts of nature. Pure resins found in each scent blended with natural oils and herbs. Feel and touch actual chunks of resins found in each stick. May be wet to the touch. This is normal due to high oil content, and burn better in a horizontal position.

Both CHURCH and NATURAL Resin Blends are pure resins in stick form. This eliminates the need for use of charcoal tablets or an incense censor. Due to some sticks having a natural oil consistency, it is advised to use a proper burner to catch the oil dripping which may occur as it burns. A traditional method is to use a bowl with sand. This is always the best way to burn natural/organic incense.

All are hand-crafted using only those ingredients nature has to offer.

Truly a labor of love is crafted into each scent and is crafted with each stick. Always a non-toxic, carcinogen free burn.

No additives, no dipping in chemicals or synthetic perfumes as is the case with over 90% of the incense found in the market place.

Not Convinced? Please read all testimonials in the feedback section.


Use a bowl with sand for a safe burn while enjoying!


Peace,Love,and Incense!

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