Atomfashion's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Atomfashion techno-industrial workshop!

I produce techno-industrial style clothes and accessories. My products will be interesting not only to representatives of industrial or cyber subcultures but also to anyone who wants to have a stylish, impressive and high-quality look. As we all know the apocalypse is coming. It’s still unknown if it will be triggered by human activity, nature or some other causes. The only thing is known for sure that it is soon to arrive. And few will survive it. And all the glamorous waste will go back to burn in hellfire, giving way to reliability, quality and brutality.

Reliability and quality: in our Age of consumerism quality of goods and services is constantly degrading. I chose a different way, making my products quality and solid so they can serve you for a long time.

Exclusivity and style: all the products are hand-made and exclusive. I am also ready to satisfy my customers’ wishes related to materials, colors, etc.

Atomfashion – inspire power!