AureliuSignum's Shop Announcement

To provide a unique alternative of creative expressions to share with your loved ones through one of the oldest traditions still being practiced today:
The greeting card.
Whether it be for a special occasion; the celebration of life (the birth, or the birthday), to just the everyday—just because (thinking of you), this is a company that wishes to recapture the essence of the human spirit by encouraging it in one another.

This, by a simple act; sharing a work of art, encased by an envelope, inlaid inside with a word of humor, or a touching quote of strength that may lend itself a tear by its reader, while all the while reminding them, they are loved and special. That someone cared enough, to share their life with them—by taking the time to share a card with them.

I've also taken the opportunity to add other items to my répertoire that are such a joy to create, and even greater to share. My hope is you'll find something between it all that strikes your fancy--for you or those you care most ;)