AusableRiverTrader's Shop Announcement

Antiques, Primitives, Vintage Collectibles, Advertising & Movie Props from all around Michigan.

Hi, come on in. Feel free to look around. You may just find that special something you remember from your childhood. Watch out where you walk though. Our 7th rescued animal "Red", (our avatar) a male Boxer/Mastiff mix dog, is lazy and tends to sleep in the middle of the floor. He doesn't mind if you scratch him behind his ears.

Warm fuzzies and dog licks are always free.

I would love to have my own antique store. However, I'm not old enough to retire just yet. So my other passion, going up north to northern lower Michigan, happens in bits and pieces. But during my back and forth travels, I stop at every opportunity in search of the next bargain, undiscovered treasure, or diamond in the rough. My family threatens to get out and walk if I stop one more time. So for now, this is my store. Kind of a foster home for things once loved or cherished, waiting patiently for that next new love to discover them once again.

The circle of life, Vintage style!

Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose, Restore, Rescue an animal

Thanks for stopping by, be safe, see you again soon.

AuSable River Trader

Some notable sales:

7/15/15 - Cabela's Corporate Campus, Nebraska - vintage fish landing net

5/21/15 - Target Corporation - vintage tennis ball can

1/21/15 - Hilton Orlando Resort - vintage camera and cell phone - Photo shoot props

12/04/14 - This Old House - Hay Fork Head - Photo shoot prop

4/22/14 - Vintage Style Magazine - Seed Corn Sack - Ad prop

2/11/14 - Aurora Productions, NY - Broadway Show - "A Raisin in the Sun" with Denzel Washington - Blizzard Sprayer - stage prop

9/11/13 - Shadow Infirmiry Productions, NY - Enamel Basin

3/21/13 - Arena Stage and Costume Shop - Kenmore Buttonholer

1/15/13 - The Red Hat Society, CA - Primitive Roller

5/29/12 - HBO Series - Boardwalk Empire - Cash Box - scene prop

4/16/12 - Blue Lotus Productions Pvt Ltd, India - Antique shoe form- prop

2/04/12 - Whittemore House Salon, New York - Jewelry tray

1/19/12 - Tommy Hilfiger, NY - Rustic lantern - ad prop

11/10/11 - Cosy Life Collection, Florida - Oak sled - Holiday window display

1/09/11 - LaCrosse Footwear Inc., Oregon - Logging Saw

8/26/10 - Tommy Hilfiger, NY - Picnic jug - ad prop

11/23/09 - New York Preservation Archive Project - K-Tel Disco Dancing Book - 1978

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