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In my shop you will find bike route signs, warning signs, danger signs, crossing signs, caution signs, zoo signs, parking signs, zombie signs, man cave signs, spinoffs on real signs and more!

I have been interested in art since I was a kid. In junior high I started attending art classes and did so every year till I graduated high school. After high school I attended the University of Houston, graduating in 2000 with a BA in Graphic Design. When I graduated I couldn't find a job with a design firm so I applied for an opening at a huge copy chain that was getting into signs and banners at the time (2001). Over the years I have worked for 4 different different sign companies. Currently I still work part time for one of these sign companies and spend the rest of the day focusing on my own business at home!


1. My sign making process starts by purchasing materials. I live in Texas so of course I drive a pickup truck. I grab a Dr. Pepper and Snickers Bar and hop in my truck and head on a 30 minute drive into Houston to buy supplies. When I get in town I buy materials such as wood, aluminum blanks and vinyl material in different colors. Of course nothing in life is easy! The sign blanks I buy do not always come in the sizes I need so I head to my metal shear and cut my blanks to the appropriate sizes I need . Now I'm almost ready to make a sign!

2. Before I can physically make a sign I must come up with a design. All of my designs are original or spinoffs on real signs you see in everyday life. Other signs I sell are miniature versions of real traffic and safety signs. Some of my graphic elements are hand drawn and then re-drawn on the computer. Often, I just get my pen tool out on the computer and just start drawing away. After lots of pondering detail I now have a sign design.

3. Now its time to have some fun and load a roll of vinyl on my vinyl cutter so I can cut my design. The vinyl film comes in colored rolls with an adhesive backing stuck on wax paper. All my art is line art. When I send my design to the vinyl cutter the cutter will cut my graphic along the vector lines I created for my design.

3. Next I take my cut vinyl to my work table. When you look at the film there are cut lines that only cut through the film and not the wax paper the film lies on. I proceed to pull out the areas of vinyl that are not part of the graphic. Imagine the letter "A" cut on some red vinyl sticker material. When I first pull the material off my cutter I have a red box not the letter "A." My letter is there but I will not see it until I pull out the triangle in the center of the "A" and the material around the letter off the wax paper. This practice is called weeding the vinyl.

4. In order to stick my cut graphic to my sign I apply transfer tape over the entire graphic. Transfer tape is like a big roll of masking tape but not quite as tacky. I then place my graphic where want it to go on my substrate and create a hinge with masking tape. Creating a hinge involves half your tape sticking to the table and half over the edge of the taped graphic I will be applying. Next I flip the graphic over on its hinge face down and pull off the wax paper off slowly. The tape hinge keeps my graphic in place so I can flip the transfer tape back over and apply the vinyl art to my wood or aluminum sign.

5. Now its time to get the metal file out. If I am working with an aluminum sign I file any rough edges and round the corners roughly 1/8th of an inch. Then I use my metal hand punch to put a hole in the sign for easy hanging!

6. Now I have a sign ready to ship!

Please help support vinyl art! The signs I sell here on etsy are not cheaply printed mass produced signs. I do not sell out and buy cheap materials to maximize profit. I prefer good quality materials that I can back. Each sign has care and time put into it starting with the design and ending in the final product. If you have any questions about my process please feel free to contact me! Thanks!

Soon I will be offering hand painted signs so stay tuned.

Vintage Section of Shop:

I have always liked old things. The bulk of the vintage items I offer here are items from my own family. I am the one in my family who doesn't like to throw things away especially if I think it has some value or can find a new life somewhere else. I don't want to miss out on the vintage aspect of selling here on etsy so in my shop I will offer both vintage items and custom signs!


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