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Announcement    Welcome to our International Shop! We have decided to expand! Taking on the world one bow tie at a time! All of our items are individually created and American made. Find the perfect accessory for your pet! Don't see what you are looking for? Contact us for a custom BOW TIE, FLOWER or COLLAR! They make great gifts too! Visit our other shop at WOOF WOOF!


Last updated on Sep 28, 2016

Welcome to our International Shop! We have decided to expand! Taking on the world one bow tie at a time! All of our items are individually created and American made. Find the perfect accessory for your pet! Don't see what you are looking for? Contact us for a custom BOW TIE, FLOWER or COLLAR! They make great gifts too! Visit our other shop at WOOF WOOF!


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It was all just an accident...

As a child, I grew up around dogs, but as my adult life took shape, I found my schedule too busy. Trying to juggle several different jobs, traveling and my social life, it didn't seem compatible to accommodate a furry friend. But then, the day came when I could no longer refuse. With stumpy legs, wrinkly skin and floppy ears, I adopted my best friend's foster puppy. I named him Sheldon (suitably reflective of my addiction to the TV comedy, Big Bang Theory). He is the smartest dog I know! He was so eager to learn and such a gem to train! A circus dog for a circus performer! Perfect duo!

Due to the lack of yard space, I frequented the local dog parks. It was always a special occasion and Sheldon needed to look dapper for such an outing! Using pieces of old costumes, I adorned his collar with some sparkle and spunk! However, with his new glamorous look Sheldon was being mistaken as a female dog, which he did not like one bit! So... I altered a few festive garments into a new manly bow tie. Over time he started to acquire a collection of my poorly crafted accessories. His fashion gave him a growing reputation at the dog parks and who was I to let him down with my incapable crafting!

Life was great and it had me moving full speed ahead. Then, out of nowhere, I was brought to an abrupt stop by a severe accident at work.

To bypass all the negative details, allow me to skip ahead to the good part. Because of this accident and my inability to work, I was going to the dog park at a different time, which meant there were different dogs and different owners! This sparked an entirely new realm of friendships for Sheldon and me. It only took few days into this new routine before Sheldon found himself a girlfriend, ADDi. It was puppylove at first sniff! Soon they became seemingly inseparable and it sparked a friendly conversation between myself and ADDi's mom, Chris . At first she was a stranger. Then, she became a friendly face. Next, she became my best friend. Finally, she became my business partner. What a joy and what a journey!?

If it wasn't because of my accident and my long recovery, I would have never been at the dog park during those days and at those times. If it wasn't for our furry kids falling madly in love and have wrestling matches day after day, we may have never communicated so much. That communication sparked a relationship which ultimately blossomed into the best friendship and partnership. All in all, it has altered my life in the most magical way. Chris, ADDi and her family played an integral part in my recovery and offered Sheldon and I so much love and help. I am forever grateful!

During the early stages of our new found bond, the topic of my make-shift pet accessories came up. Chris was full of ideas to improve their design and prolong their lifespan. The dogs got their play dates and we got our craft dates! Our creative minds were overflowing with ideas. Several "trials" ensued where we learned what worked and...well.. what didn't. We made necessary adjustments and mastered our design. We expanded our accessories to offer not only bow ties, but also flowers! We finalized the patterns, sizes and styles! Once we approved our new accessories it was time to give them the final withstand a day at the dog park with Sheldon and ADDi! Success!

After building our inventory of fabrics and our confidence in production, we started selling to our family and friends. We designed our logo and selected our name, with the help of our vocal puppy duo! After receiving positive reviews and realizing there was a huge hidden market and demand for pet accessories, we took the plunge into the world of ETSY!

I can distinctly remember the first time I started hearing the "cash register" sound of the ETSY app! It get's me excited every time! I could never predict that my one funny idea of sprucing up Sheldon's collar would lead to the most rewarding and amazing experience of Barks A Lot Bowtique. We have joined such an incredible community of pet lovers around the globe and we look forward to sharing our fashion with all our furry friends!

I am so fortunate to have crossed paths with Chris, ADDi and her family and looking back the positive side of my accident was that it brought them into my life!

We have found a great balance managing our careers, families and Barks A Lot Bowtique.

It was a sad moment when the relocation of my career took me to Macau, China. We were determined to make it work, and we did! A big thanks to technology, Chris is still successfully running our workshop in Las Vegas, NV and I have been able to create a workshop in Macau. Both of our shops ship worldwide however you will notice our variety of fabrics and patterns are different due to the available resources in our local areas.

We love customizing the perfect accessory for your pet! Let us know what we can create for you! Enjoy shopping and thanks for stopping by!

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  • Noelle

    Owner, Designer, Creator

    I am constantly on-the-go! I have been fortunate enough to pursue various passions of mine around the globe. I am a crafter by day and a performer by night! As a little girl, you couldn't get me to stop dancing and so I made it my career! I ran away to join the circus and absolutely love being on stage! I am also an avid pet lover and crafter and so it brings me much joy when my best friend and I started up Barks A Lot Bowtique. Like most Etsy stories, this was a hobby turned profession! We love intertwining our passions to bring fashionable accessories to our furry friends world wide!

  • Lana

    Assistant, Side Kick

    Lana was found on the streets of Macau at two days old. She was fostered for a few months until I happily adopted her into my home. She is a warrior and the sole survivor of her litter. She has overcome parvovirus and is currently recovering from distemper and pneumonia. She's only 3 months old and her immune system is very weak. BUT despite her horrible conditions, this little girl is an absolute FIGHTER! She has so much life in her eyes and in her wiggles that I know she will pull through stronger than ever. She doesn't leave my side and especially loves to sit at my feet as I sew.

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