BIRDTRIBE's Shop Announcement

Welcome to Birdtribe Wearable Art!!! My wearable art range focuses on natural plant dyes and natural fibres and is inspired by the wonder and beauty of nature. I am excited to release my new range of naturally printed and dyed merino wool and silk clothing and accessories to you! Being a plant lover, ethnobotanist, grower and planter of our leafy friends, this new range is my newest journey into the wonderful world of plants!!
I also continue to design, create and screenprint natural fibre handmade and sweatshop free clothing. My designs are inspired by our natural environment and my beautiful rainforest seaside studio where I live and create all my artwork with love. I am always conscious of my impact on the environment in my arts practice and in my lifestyle, and my clothing and accessory range aims to honour and respect our mother nature. Thanks for checking out my shop!