Organic Soap & Body Products for People and Pups

If we would not eat it, it will not be in our soaps.
Whether you crave spicy, sweet, sexy, or simple, Bodhi Basics has a bar for you.

Committed to the core, Bodhi Basics is raising the "bar".

Bodhi Basics is just us.
Kim is the owner and soap maker. Bodhi is the pup extraordinaire.

The company started out of necessity. Not being able to use bar soap most of my life because of sensitive skin, a new world of soapy possibilities opened up with this new adventure. With Bodhi at my side I started making soap for every body, no matter your skin type, age, or species! I love being in the kitchen, learning and researching herbal remedies, and just getting my hands dirty. Over the years I have expanded my line from the original organic soap bars to face masks, deodorants, chap sticks, room fresheners and more!

I put a lot of T.L.C. into each and every product I make. From start-to-finish, cut-to-package, I do everything by hand. You can see the beauty of our handcrafted process shine through in the uniqueness of each and every bar of Bodhi Basics soap. I also design and print all of my labels. If I could some how make the bottles they go in, I would probably do that too! Ha.

Let's get down and dirty for a second. We here at Bodhi Basics have a mission. To create handcrafted, organic, sustainable and luxurious products that are fun, gentle, eco-conscious and junk-free. IF WE WOULD NOT EAT IT, IT WILL NOT BE IN OUR STUFF. You can rest assured that all nasty chemicals, sulfates, parabens, fragrance, and "fake stuff" will not make in into our soaps. Only natural, organic, and yummy herbs, oils, and spices allowed in these bars.

While a lot of my love goes into our products, I save some for the animals too! Bodhi is a rescue pup and in solidarity Bodhi Basics donates 10% of its profits to our local animal shelter.

Committed to the core, we are raising the "bar".

- Kim and Bodhi

You can find us at local markets around the bay area, on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Bodhi Basics has made it possible for me to work out of my home and on my art. Feel free to check out my paintings at
I am a soap crafter, artist and musician. I've always wanted to wake up everyday and dance to the beat of my own drum. Bodhi Basics is the product of that goal. I love making my soaps and I love interacting with my customers! I'm living my dream!
Pup Extraordinaire

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