BOOM FASHION COVERS = Glamorous instrument case covers. Don't just love your instrument show it! These handmade instrument case covers are made to order and will distinctly show YOU & YOUR personality!
Never again do you have to be confused about which case is yours in orchestra, let me cover your next instrument!

If you have a specific feel, color, or look you would like, please, let me know. I want these fashion covers to display the musician's personality:)
What i need from you is to know the size and shape of your violin case. I also need the specific measurements and the placement of handle or handles. The more detail, the better.
Please note, handle and shoulder strap covers are included if requested.
It is also helpful for me to know the brand name of the case.
I can make covers for other instruments as well, please specify if interested.
Limited quantity, while materials are available.
This product is great for any age. One student who purchased a cover commented, "I want the gold one--everyone in orchestra will think i am a celebrity!"
Get the Boom Fashion Cover now, and you will be noticed everywhere. Be part of a new fashion trend!
Prices do not include duty or taxes that are applicable for purchases outside of Canada.
As a professional violinist and a member of Destino (, I can attest to the popularity of this product, as it gets noticed everywhere I go.
Boom! Fashion Covers truly brings fashion to the musician!