BREDVintage's Shop Announcement


Welcome to B.R.E.D. Vintage! My fashion mantra is "Be Resplendent Every Day". Dress with style, make people smile. As Vivienne Westwood once observed, "Dress well, and you will have a better life"...while clothes don't make the woman or man, I truly believe in the transformative power of clothing that really makes you feel good, and dressing well does not have to mean a high price tag. I also deeply believe in reuse & recycle. There is nothing chicer than a woman who is saavy enough to be true to herself, who forgoes the 5-second fashion trends and forges her own personal style. Beautifully made vintage clothing, mixed with your own pieces, is a sure way to feel great & look unique...Happy Shopping!

P.S. If you're an accessories lover, please also check out my new shop showcasing my handmade jewelry, HeavyMetalHeart, also on Etsy.