BabeMagnet's Shop Announcement

babe = you
magnet(s) = me

"Dude who sells magnets. Ten, twenty-five, fifty, one hundred... I've got 'em. Just for you." -- OK this used to be my brother's shop, but since I am the more responsible one (shh... don't tell him I said that!) I run the shop most times for him now. We are both college students, so we answer emails in the evening and between classes. My name is Lauren and I am, in fact, a girl. Not a dude... I had no idea he had this as his shop description, so I apologize for the confusion that we have caused. I am a crafty babe and I love selling these great magnets to other crafty babes!

Crafty babes need strong magnets for fabulous craft projects. DO NOT hurt yourself. These are strong. DO NOT give them to children, pets, computers or non-crafting men. DO use them in your craft projects. Use a lot of them. And then come back to the BabeMagnet when you need more.

* please see policies for additional information regarding neodymium magnets *