BackPocketBootie's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my little home on Cyberspace,

Backpocketbootie offers a variety of Items!, From Crochet Afghans, to Handmade Earnings. If you do not see what you like just Send me a request and I will see what I can do to Fill your order.

My show is also now Featuring Products by My 9 yr old Daughter Madyson,
Plz read below about my lil girl

(about madyson)

Madyson is 9yrs old and is Classified ad Developmentaly Intelex(sorry spelling) Delayed. She also had ADHD and Tricatillamaina, a condition where you compulsivly pull out your hair. she at one point pulled all her hair out till she was bald. Now she is on meds and doing ok.. she still have area's she picks. but We are working on that.. I started to Loom knit, In hopes to keep her hands busy and detur her from pullin out her hair, Mady then asked me if I thought People would buy her hats. and I told her we could try.
Madyson is Sellin her hats thru my etsy and all her money will be for her to buy her yarn, and buy her anything she may want. If your intrested in one of mady's hats. plz send me a Alchemy Request.. for one of her hats. She will be thrilled to get a order.

*about me* backpocketbootie
I'm a 34 Yr odl mother of 5. and I am a stay at home mom. and have been for 10 years. I opend up My etsy to hopefuly sell some of my crafts to make a lil bit of extra cash for the family. If your intrested in a custume item plz just send me a alchemy and we will work from there.

I thank you for visiting my store