Handmade Harmonica USB Flash Drive Computer Accessories

The original "blues man" carried more than the weight of a nation...
He carried a 10-hole, diatonic harmonica.
No better a player than you—Lincoln played for the sheer joy of it.
So remember, every one, Lesson #1:
You can, too, just be you... that's all the great ones ever do.

One day...

Not long ago I was out back practicing a little riff when out of the blue this Monarch butterfly fluttered up in my face. I was distracted at first but just ignored her. But she wouldn't ignore me. After circling a while she landed on my knee, opened and closed her wings and said, "Keep playing! Keep playing!" So I did...

And what if my Wingèd Friend hadn't been friendly and helpful at all but, instead, relentless and snide, like your typical harmonica critic?

Well, in that case, I'd've just pointed at the USB plug and said, "Hey, it's a flash drive. Get out my face."

Then I'd've kept playing.

Looking for something soulful?

How about something useful?

How about something both?

Check out my Monet eBook for Sellers.

Check out my harmonica-plate-covered, little poetry book.

What's a "dialectical" harmonica (not to be mistaken with a "diatonic" harmonica)? See Answer #18 in my Shop FAQs.

Got a memory that, like Lincoln, "belongs to the ages?"

Want to release your own harmonica howl for freedom?
I Make Physical
The Lyrical, By Marrying The Miracles Of Music & Memory
It all began when so sated by a drink of water I once drew I blew a slew of Thank-You notes right on the spot to no one, I thought, but the hall's tile walls. But a voice shot back, “You should take that down the hall to the radio station.” So I did.
Jim McLean,
owner, And Real Darn Tootin' Harmonica Hootin', Handmaker Of The FlashHarp®
Patented FlashHarp®
Embodies My Passage Out Of Establishment Thinking
My Boyhood Blood Brother
C. Monet
Life Coach
Wingèd Friend I Hardly
Knew Who Herself Was A Memorable Captivator Too
BackyardBrand uses 4 manufacturers.


  • Custom metal-parts engineer & maker United States Under my direction makes FlashHarp's custom-tooled and -made cover plates.
  • Musical part supplier United States The world market leader in harmonica production
  • Flash drive parts supplier United States A U.S.-based market leader
  • Personalization engraver United States Personalization engraver

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