Personalized Harmonica Necklace USB Drives, Thumb Rings

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Personalized Harmonica Necklace USB Drives, Thumb Rings

Chicago, Illinois 330 Sales On Etsy since 2009

5 out of 5 stars

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Note from shop owner (Yes, I have inventory!) Please Convo and I'll pull open the door for you about why you need a FlashHarp. Meantime, check out my 5⭐️ feedback. Thanks!

Note from shop owner

Last updated on Jan 9, 2017

(Yes, I have inventory!) Please Convo and I'll pull open the door for you about why you need a FlashHarp. Meantime, check out my 5⭐️ feedback. Thanks!

Jim McLean

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Jim McLean


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5 out of 5 stars

arlenplath on Jun 17, 2016

5 out of 5 stars

I just received my FlashHarp necklace in the mail and rushed to review it shortly after fiddling with it a bit. This is a very fun item, and I'm so happy I bought it. I feel like the FlashHarp could've been invented to suit me! I'm a graphic designer who loves to play harmonica (though my playing ability is questionable.) I was searching Etsy for fashionable flash-drive necklaces so I can always have one handy while working, saw this and just knew I had to put aside a bit of $$ to purchase it! A while back, my little sister gifted me a miniature harmonica necklace that I love very much, but its primary purpose was fashion. This is like a step up from something I already loved so much -- it's playable and a flash drive! A+ from me! :D

Юлия Зет

Юлия Зет on May 8, 2016

5 out of 5 stars

My order came quickly, packed carefully, very beautiful thing! I liked very much. Many thanks! / Мой заказ пришёл быстро, аккуратно запакованный, очень красивая вещь! Очень понравилось. Большое спасибо!

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I love the State of Illinois, and I love the harmonica. But even more, I love Illinois' favorite son, blues harmonica headliner, the one and only late, great, Abraham Lincoln. Mr. President, you'll always have a place on my Etsy pages!

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Click orange arrow above to demo FlashHarp's excellent sound quality (me playing "Summertime").

Here's me playing "Careless Love" in crossharp:

What does 100% 5★ feedback look like?

Can one play crossharp on a FlashHarp? Yes!

Here's an original work of historical harmonica fiction:

My harmonica-plate-covered poetry chapbook is very unusual.

Looking for something soulful?

How about something useful?

How about something both?

Check out my Monet eBook for Sellers.

Got a memory that like Lincoln, "belongs to the ages?"
Want to release your own harmonica howl for freedom?


Shop members

  • Jim McLean

    Owner, And Real Darn Tootin', Harmonica-Hootin', Handmaker Of The FlashHarp®

    Folks who know me well'll tell Backyard Blowin' ain't all I sell. Make it myself one at a time. Plays too—it's one of a kind. Video lessons right inside—sweet lil' harp 'n I ain't lyin'. Want one of these? Come see me for my FlashHarp® Harmonica USB.

  • Joey

    My Boyhood Blood Brother

    The "F" in FlashHarp reminds me of 6th-grade English when to avoid memorizing the Gettysburg Address Joey ran a secret cable from his ear through his coat to a cassette player in the desk. His life embodied the notion that you can, too, just be you.

  • C. Monet

    Life Coach

    Monet's lesson resonates via the aesthetic he created, the power of which is evidenced by the monetary value his art now commands. Most important, Monet opens the door for us to see reality as we see fit instead of how our critics dictate we see it.

  • Wingèd One Who I Hardly Knew

    Who Herself Was A Memorable Captivator Too

    Before she flew away around a curve of hope that I so slipperily beheld in a rainbow, I stitched my Eternal Maternal this: “Mom, when God made you, God made you of love. What was left over, God made butterflies of.”


  • Custom metal-parts engineer & maker

    United States

    Under my direction makes FlashHarp's custom-tooled and -made cover plates.

  • Personalization engraver

    United States

    Personalization engraver

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Last updated on Jul 8, 2016
Frequently asked questions

"What's a FlashHarp (and what are its specs)?"

• A patented 8GB flash drive (U.S. Pat. Nos. D602,940 & D624,550)
• Includes 5-step lesson & 9 videos
• A great-sounding, playable little harmonica
• A personalizable accessory
• A 26" - 29" necklace (necklace items only)
• A geeky, musical marriage of convenience and soul
• A unique gift and fun conversation piece
• A hi-tech hunk of real harmonicana
• A collectible

- Full compatibility with USB 1.1 and 2.0
- Dual Channel Flash Memory Architecture
- Hot plug and play; functions like another hard drive
- Supports password protection
- No driver needed (Windows 98SE driver available)
Dimensions (in inches):
With USB cap on, out of plastic box: 3³⁄₁₆ x 7/8 x ¹¹⁄₁₆

"What's a FlashHarp do?"

• Integrates a harmonica and a flash drive in one
• Stores data such as pics, tunes, videos, just like ordinary flash drives
• Makes great-sounding music
• Makes a fun gift
• Looks fabulous (stainless steel, brass and black)
• Imparts the feeling of a musician carrying an ax to a gig
• Deflects any shaming of your playing ("Hey, it's just a flash drive—chill!"). And even if you stop playing for a while (it happens) should the urge to start playing again strike—which is a lot more likely with a FlashHarp since the USB gives you a reason to keep carrying it—well, I say go for it!

"What DOESN'T FlashHarp do?"

• End up in the back of a drawer like plain, old harmonicas
• Leave you with the vacuous vibe of ordinary flash drives
• Start playing when you plug it in (that's a techy taboo)
• Record audio (there's no mic built-into the FlashHarp)
• Require you to bend or play single notes (but you can if you want to!)

The important thing is setting free the musical spirit inside you. The harmonica has always been a great tool for that. It was good enough for Abe Lincoln——so it's good enough for me!

"Is FlashHarp Handmade?"


The memory and musical workings are imported and supplied to me brand-new by market leaders. Additional custom-designed and -tooled parts are made just for me here in the state of Illinois, U.S.A. I carefully combine everything by hand so it all coexists peacefully. My video lesson and playalong songs, which demystify the obstacles that often trip folks up, are my finishing touch on a digital device with a hobo soul.

"What does the Press say about FlashHarp?"

INDIE ARTISTS ALLIANCE: "one of the coolest inventions that we have ever seen combining music and technology."

GIZMODO: "4GBs of musical goodness."

DudeIWantThat: "You might find other USB storage sticks as portable and artful, but this is the only one with the added entrepreneurial potential to score you some beer money."

HGTV: "FlashHarp has the mini mojo to be your main flash drive."

Or Google FlashHarp, Harmonica USB or Backyard Harmonica Teacher.

"Why buy a FlashHarp instead of a plain, old harmonica?"

Buy an old-fashioned harmonica and you'll soon feel bound to the tastes of a bunch of honchos in biker garb and mirror sunglasses. By providing utility, FlashHarp slips the harmonica out of the clutches of these elitists and puts its freewheelin' feelin' back where it was when the harmonica was the instrument of choice for cowboys and "hands" of all kinds—including the likes of you. Which is where it belongs.

Now you're free to plug-into the same spirit the early pioneers enjoyed, before the harmonica got put up on its all-too-serious pedestal. So you explore playing in a sort of hi-tech hobo "campground" where no one judges you.

Check out the big backyard of BackyardBrand here:

"Who makes the FlashHarp?"

I do. I build it in the National Historic Landmark village of Riverside, Illinois, which was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, same designer of New York City's Central Park.

The country in which Illinois is situated, U.S.A., sprang from the imaginations of its forefolk. Their attempts to make "a more perfect union" proved a work still in progress in 1862 when Abraham Lincoln, our first poet president and Illinois' favorite son, penned the Emancipation Proclamation: This was the precise date the first harmonicas started arriving in the U.S.

Some even say the harmonica was one of Lincoln's favorite things.

"Who is FlashHarp for?"

That's for you to say but I think Abe Lincoln would have loved it! After all, Lincoln's stovepipe hat was no style statement—it was a stash for notes on everything from the Gettysburg Address to his patent for a barge-sized buoy. Who couldn't use more room for cool data like that? (Call it your "Plan B.B.")

I'll say this. Unlike harmonica hopefuls who carry a harmonica briefly then accidentally lose it one day on the bus, FlashHarp owners have reason to keep carrying the FlashHarp even if they never master playing (plus it helps overcome those too-hi expectation blues!).

Buy a FlashHarp today and get the same happiness Lincoln got from playing purely for fun!

"What's crossharp? What's straight harp? Can I play single notes?"

More about sucking than blowing, crossharp (blues) really crosses up beginners because it makes the 2 "draw" (and 3, 6 and 9 "blows") the tonal center.

Straight harp keeps the tonal center the 1, 4, 7, 10 "blows." It's how Billy Joel is blowing on "Piano Man." Acquiring do-ra-mi familiarity in the straight key is a necessary first step for any harmonica player.

If you know how to play single notes, you know it's like riding a bike—and your skill will easily transfer to a FlashHarp. If you've yet to master single notes and want to, I offer this:

"What do I do if I want to return my FlashHarp?"

1) DO NOT SEPARATE THE BOX HALVES. Returns are not accepted for FlashHarps whose box label-seal is not intact—so-called "Intimate items" that may have made contact with someone's lips. (See Policies.)

2) STATE TO ME IN A CONVO THAT THE BOX LABEL-SEAL IS INTACT AND ITEM IS UNUSED. I'll provide a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.

3) WRITE RMA# CLEARLY ON OUTSIDE OF RETURN SHIPPING BOX. Refunds do not include the cost of shipping and are issued after received goods are confirmed unused. Cost to return to Buyer any goods I find unrefundable will be paid by the Buyer, in advance.