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Money’s tight, I get it. Really, I do. Fifteen years ago I gave up my thriving dog grooming business in order to embark on a new adventure. I felt then, and even more so today, that the greatest good I could do for humanity was to raise part of the next generation in a way that could/would change the world. Thus began my journey, that of a stay-at-home homeschooling mom, manager of a household, peacemaker, chef extraordinaire, and steward to countless animals.

Now, as my oldest tests the waters of college and the workplace I can say with certainty that I was right. My girls are the three kindest, most compassionate girls/women I know. Literally. They don’t only care about themselves, but all the creatures that inhabit this planet with us as well as this magnificent planet herself. But what did I give up? Well, in a nutshell... money.

Despite living a clean and simple lifestyle our expenses often exceed our income. As many of you know, running a household means being something of a magician and it seems to be an art I have perfected. So, if I know this so well, how can I ask you to spend $25.00 on a pair of organic cotton baby shoes when you can search elsewhere on Etsy or the internet and find a pair made from synthetic fibers for less than half the price? How can I do that if I really know?

Because it isn’t all I know. I’ve experienced something of great significance as I journey along that changes everything. It sounds cliché and it sounds simplistic but I now know the worth of this simple statement – your choices matter. Every single one. Every single day. The choices of one, single human being matter in a great and profound way. As I found myself propelled towards veganism I realized with joyful amazement that this choice alone would save almost 200 animals per year the inhumane cruelty we inflict on those we deem beneath us. When my girls followed suit that number silently crept up to 800 animals we spared each and every year. So, after ten years or so of veganism we’ve saved the lives and freed almost 8,000 animals from unjust suffering. Still, it takes my breath away.

And let’s face it, the reality is, it’s never just one. In my home it’s four of us, working together to create change. Unfortunately, that works both ways. We’re tired, lazy, selfish or simply ignorant of the facts and we make a decision that is less than stellar for this world. We console ourselves with, what does one choice, by one person, matter in the grand scheme of things? Wake up call. It’s never only one. There are over 7 billion people living on this planet today with over 300 million in the United States alone. Let’s say that half (a gross underestimation most likely) make the same destructive choice that we do. No longer is it only one, but now 150 million people who were too tired to recycle or too lazy to walk instead of drive, too angry to be kind, too disillusioned to be loving or too misinformed to buy organic.

But... but... now take that number and flip it. Now it’s 150 million people who bought organic and didn’t support the staggering use of pesticides in our food supply. Or 150 million people who took the extra 20 seconds to recycle and took a giant step towards protecting our natural resources. Or 150 million people who walked to work, cleaning the air with every single solitary step they took. Or 150 million people who put aside their anger and performed an act of kindness, thereby changing lives in often immeasurable yet profound ways.

My oldest daughter recently told me that on a low day she feels hopeless. Looking around at all of the harmful decisions people make every day she feels her efforts against the enormity of it all don’t amount to all that much. I understand. Human beings seem afflicted with the self-destructive belief that with enough consistency foolish choices will yield less than foolish results. I’m pretty sure that’s the very definition of insanity. But then I see the 90 year old woman walking with measured step towards the grocery store. As if her journey weren’t arduous enough, in her arms is cradled a stack of reusable bags. And in that moment I’m reminded that at any age, at any time, one can see the light. One can see the way to a cleaner, healthier, less violent world. One can change habits ingrained over a lifetime. And once more I am renewed.

So, yes, I’m asking you to spend $25.00 on a pair of organic cotton baby shoes or $30.00 on an organic cotton dress or $24.00 dollars on a set of organic cotton dish cloths. Why? Because it matters. It matters to your health, your children’s health, my health and the health of this planet. We can’t expect better results until we make better choices. I've started adding DID YOU KNOW? facts to each of our organic listings so that you can see for yourself the difference you’re making with a single purchase. Mostly because I love facts and as they say, knowledge is indeed power.

Don’t like what we have to offer? Well, that is perfectly fine. But do yourself and those you love a favor and search “organic” as you peruse the wonderful shops here on Etsy. You, single, solitary you, have more power than you know. I can only ask that you wield it wisely. Wield it lovingly.

Thank you for reading along, I realize this isn’t your usual welcome format on Etsy. But it’s time for me to use my voice as well as my hook to foster change. It starts here, you and I, with the changes we can make together. And just think, there are countless others choosing the same, making our efforts all that much more heroic. Gives me shivers, it does. Collectively healing instead of harming? Now that is a beautiful thing.

Peace and many, many blessings ~ Melinda & Jordan
A mother/daughter creative team, determined to change the world, be it with hook, brush, thread or words. We'd love for you to join us.

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