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Greetings! I'm The Backyartist. I'm what you might call a folk artist, because I didn't start out as a stained glass artist, nor am I here to put the traditional glass artist out of business. The pieces I produce encompass spiritual and shamanic concepts as well as some artistic ones. I call them Yarts.

Yarts are not like your standard stained glass piece. The usual components are there; glass, copper, plenty of solder. Instead of representing concrete subjects, however, Yarts evoke feelings, images and perceptions by way of color, form and light manipulation. Yarts are truly unique garden accoutrements that you won't find in retail stores. That’s just where It starts, however…

Yarts come from places where you wouldn’t expect to find things possessing their beauty and delicate appearance. Ranging from thrift stores to trash heaps, Yarts are the product of transmuting trash to treasure, an unexpected turn in the fate of whatever lamp or dish the Yart was in its previous life. Indeed, Yarts fulfill the shamanic role of allowing the energy and Light of the Universe reach the individual, to be like glass.

I'd invite you to check out my Facebook page for news and updates. My Yarts are always evolving and changing. I will consider commission work if I feel the interested party understands what I do and how I work. I don't do hummingbirds and dragonflies.