Badart's Shop Announcement

Green is beautiful with Home Decor, Holiday Decor, Boho, Shabby Chic designs made from sustainable materials.

As a sustainable artist I sell items I've created to people around the world.

Being a recycled artist I refurbish boxes for shipping. Please attempt to reuse your shipping supplies if at all possible. Your package will be shipped at the best price in a reused or refurbished packaging when ever possible. And always in a timely, careful manner. I use Parcel Post because it includes a tracking code. Your item will be shipped in the next 1-3 days

When I lived in the Keys the best way to spend a day was on the beach or in the water reading, people watching and playing in the sand. I moved to Austin and my days did not change much I love to scope out folks, hike the trails and play in the dirt. I, also, like to make organic items from recycled materials sometimes I’ll make it for you sometimes I’ll give the recipe to make it from your recycled materials. If we can all practice sustainable living it will be better for us all. Make something cool today or buy something from an artist entrepreneur.

Della Badart
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