BagsBabylon's Shop Announcement

All my store items are VINTAGE and handmade,recycled, upcycled, or totally reconditioned by me.Basically it means they were either loved , enjoyed, carried or stored BEFORE they appeared at my caring hands and were offered for your review.
I ALWAYS give a professional cleaning to the really old, weathered leather bags , hand wash and restore the lining if necessary just reline the bag to save the exterior beauty and give a confidence to the future owner that their new vintage bag is sanitized and free of any signs of previous use or abuse.I am proud of my little input to save the planet and might be an innocent animal.....
As leather is a natural product it may show various defects arising from the outdoor life of an animal. Scars caused by branches of trees or wire fences, insect bites or wrinkles all guarantee the genuine nature of the leather. In addition the skin of the animal is not consistent in thickness. The backside is very thick, while the stomach area is much thinner and more flexible. These characteristics result in different degrees of absorbing by the dyes that is shown in variations across the leather.

Leather will take a lot of abuse and scuffing and can take extreme changes of temperatures with no problem. Since it has air between its fibers, it acts as insulation from cold and heat, Yes, many leathers will scratch especially if they have a very natural finish. Surface scratches will not weaken the leather! A modest amount of scratching and scuffing will give your item the "leather look" and distinguish it from any vinyl look-a- likes, Wear your vintage leather items proudly, knowing that no two items will never be exactly the same...
Thank you!

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