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Love fuels my business and my life.
Words inspire me, so I try to fill my studio with inspiration. It's what motivates me.
I am lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest, one of the most beautiful places in the world.
I find inspiration in everything. I'm a writer at heart...
My line sits where inspiration and healthy living intersect. I try to live my life that way, too.

From Heartbreak to Healing: Escaping Grief One Necklace at a Time

When my husband and I lost our first and only pregnancy (twins) in February of 2012 after years of infertility, I was shattered.

A born creative, I immediately found myself scrambling for a way to work out this grief in the only way I know how: by creating. For the majority of my career, I've vacillated between writing and making jewelry, the two passions and skill sets that I know best, without ever landing on the one that really "fit."

On a short trip to celebrate our anniversary (and take a break from our sorrow), my husband and I happened upon a flea market in the Fremont area of Seattle, WA. Digging in a box of buttons and miscellaneous jewelry parts, I discovered some brass discs, five of them, which read: "wish," "believe, "create," "imagine," and "dream."

These five simple discs reminded me that we all have a choice in life when it comes to how we handle both grief and happiness. Joy can be created; happiness can be built and re-built. I will never be destroyed as long as I continue picking up the pieces.

I walked away from that trip with those five discs and with a realization: I didn't have to choose between my passions. I didn't have to be a writer or a jeweler. I could be both.

Of this grief and the process of working through it, bama + ry was born. I create highly personal copper and nickel silver jewelry that is rustic and comfortable. It's the kind of jewelry you wear everyday, not just on a special occasion.

Everything in my shop is done by my two hands. The process of pounding metal, of positioning letters just so in order to string them into words and phrases, names and places. These are things that mean something to me, or in the case of custom work, to the wearer. In this way, I am making something much more than jewelry.

Right now, I should have been a mother to twins, but instead I have created a thriving business that perfectly combines two vocations I love. As bama + ry grows, I will always be grateful for the mixed curse/blessing that has allowed me to chase my dreams.
Jasmine Myers
owner, designer
Free-spirited, risk-taking writer and jeweler, Hoosier turned Portlandian. Chaser of dreams. Hoper of hopes. Lover of husband and nephew alike.
Naomi Martnick
Production Coordinator

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