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Hello and welcome to my Etsy store!

I list multiple custom spots the 1st day of every each month around 9PM (EST) 6PM (PST).

PLEASE NOTE! The new regulations are in effect, and I'm happy to report that Bamberoo SSC has passed the test and complies with F-2236 and CPSIA regualtions!
What you need to know if you live in the US;
Baby carriers in the US are now regulated! For now only the Soft Structured Carriers and Mei Tais, but soon wraps and slings will be as well. This means that I can only sell carriers in the US that has been third-party tested for the F-2236 standard and complies with CPSIA regulations. Since all materials coming from different sources (different wrap brands, canvases), different blends and weaves must be tested separately on a finished carrier, choices will be limited for economical reasons. At this time I can only accept 100% cotton twill weave Girasol and 100 cotton Oscha wraps. The formerly known Solarveil SSC can be ordered again, renamed Bamberoo Breeze.
The wrap must be brand new, never used, but I ask you to wash it as you plan to wash the finished carrier later and send it with the original packaging and receipt.
What can be customized? While you need to stick to the tester's details, the size of the body and length of the shoulder straps can be made as you prefer and you can choose the layout. The second tester carrier will be made of a different material with slightly different features to add some variety.
If you live outside of the US, you do not need to worry about all these changes, you can order any style carriers made of the fabric or wrap of your choice.

This spot is for one Bamberoo Soft Structured Carrier or a Bamberoo Breeze SSC.

~Wrap conversion SSC - $189.00
Wrap supplied by the buyer, I need a size 4 or 3.5m wrap for all standard features.
~Bamberoo Breeze - $189.00
Formerly know as Solarveil SSC. Can be made of any instock fabrics or your quilter's cotton/decorator's weight material sent in. I need 3/4 yard of print if you plan to send it, but I must use my tested canvas for the straps.

For orders outside of the US:
~Half Buckle carrier - $189.00 (Size 6 or 4.6m wrap needed.)
~Mei Tai - $189.00 (Size 7 or 5.2m wrap needed.)
These can be made of canvas with a print on the front of the body and both side of the hood or I can use any kind of otherwise suitable wraps.

Please check my website my Facebook page for details and stocking information.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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