BandGeek's Shop Announcement

Yes! I do custom orders! Have a cosplay group you want to outfit? I can help you there.

A note for the future: I'm having issues sourcing charms that I think are cool, big, or heavy enough for the look I go for. I've decided I'm going to work on sculpting my own, and as soon as I get proficient in this, they'll pop up on here. They'll be acrylic to start with, and hopefully I'll be able to work up to actual metal casting.

However, if you know where I can get some great charms without that much more work, I'm all ears. ;-)


Everything for your inner and outer Band Geek.
A turnstile of whatever I'm into, past, and present.

What I list here is originally something I wanted and made for myself, so, as a general rule, stuff won't suck on here.

If it is lame and cheesy, it's on par with how much I am.