BandSBargains' Shop Announcement

Here we are...Kids flew the coop (most of the time) Just us now in our 60's and collectors. We collect tins and collectibles. We are both retired and spend our weekends in a peaceful mountain cabin in the Beautiful mountains of Idaho.

One day while at our cabin we went to a yard sale at a cabin down the road. There was a box of tins with a really pretty gold tin in it which we just had to have. We paid a dollar for that tin and wasn't sure what it was so we looked it up on the internet and low and behold it was worth money. We went back to the yard sale and bought the whole box of 10 tins. We came back and looked them all up on the internet. So began our journey into the world of collectible tins.

Now we have a whole room full of tins and collectibles. We spend our extra time playing on the internet and buying more or scouring the countryside for estate sales. We actually love it! Almost as much as riding our 4-wheelers and fishing..I said almost as much!

Bill and Shirley