BarbaraHarmsFiberArt's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my shop! I create Contemporary Fiber Art. That term might be slightly confusing to some. Fiber art utilizes some transitional quilting techniques, but adapts them to use in it's own "unuique" approach.
Please make no mistake about it, this isn't a quilt in the sense we may think a quilt, it's decidedly art
The only limits from the massive choice of materials, styles and form are those placed buy the artist himself. There are few rules to constrict,artist artistic "imagination" and "creativity"., result in unlimited possibility, creative freedom. creative and variety.

iry.s endless.. freedom are endless., are endless.o limit artistic freedom. that would place limitations on the artist;s that place limit the freedom of tghe artuist to limit the artist's choices. and forms that are open to the artists. and ,s an artform of the word we call to mind.this sin't a quilt in the sence you think of, it is an art form. adds itin it's own non traditional application, it's own spunique manner, putting it's own unique spin. some tradtionalborrows some of teckniues are borrowed from tradtional quilting, but used in unique methodsIf you're unfamiliar with this art form., several terms can describe it.One term is Variety, the options are endless for the artist, allowing the artist's creativity to shine. wide open to the artists are endless, , it has many names, but can be summed up withsn a art form that With A Unique Perspective Art quilts from abstract to stylized nature.

I love traditional quilting, but I was a painter first for years, so art quilting was a perfect fit. It combines the methods of traditional quilting that I love with the freedom of artist expression. My themes can run from abstract to stylized nature, the most common factor in all work is color, I am definitely a color addict, and you will likely notice a lot of it in my work. These days I use silk painting often a a starting point and add layers with applique`, thread painting and quilting. All the work that I have for sale is original fiber art. On a few quilts I've used commercial fabric, but most of my art quilts are made with hand painted fabric, usually silk. .

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