BarbaraHarmsFiberArt's Shop Announcement

Welcome to my shop! I'm a mixed media textile artist. All my work is original. My art quilting.can run from abstract to stylized nature.
Most of my fiber art quilts are hand painted, I have been a painter for many years, this has affected my approach to textile art. Many of them begin as a painting, with layers of interest added.
I often use a combination of applique and thread painting to create many features of the composition,.
Many of my art quilts are silk paintings..I often use silk because of the way it takes color so beautifully. Silk produces the deepest, richest color.It is an exquisite fabric to work with. with a luminous quality that seems to reflect color and light.
I love creating art, iIt is my passion! I enjoy the creative process, you are led alone by the direction that the work takes as it develops.
The results can be surprising.I love that element of surprise.
I do believe that the enjoyment creating art brings me, can be sensed in my quilts.I hope you'll feel the same way!

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