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3 weeks

I'm loving these new beads that look like ceramic beads but are really polymer clay, much lighter and don't break. Some are listed in my "Faux Ceramic/Pottery" section with more in the next few weeks. I love making them.

3 months

They look like really candy conversation hearts but they are handmade polymer clay beads. I sell over a thousand every year, stocking up so there is rarely a wait for your order.

4 months

It's not even Christmas and I'm preparing for Valentine's Day.

10 months

So many requests for these I thought I'd make them again. Make your own or see finished earrings at Mystudio91.etsy.com

11 months

Making lots of tiny feet for tiny summer flip flops. These cuties keep me very busy in the summer. They make conversation starter earrings for all your summer activities.

1 year

Making new dot beads, some are ready to get gloss and blank ones are ready for dots. These are so much fun to make and will be the talk of the town on your creative piece of jewelry. Watch for more colors and patterns in the weeks ahead.

2 years

Lining up my new beads for packaging.

2 years

Working on my handmade polymer clay Christmas beads.

2 years

I have lots of beads, it's time to discount some that have been around awhile. Check out my summer clearance sale for big savings.

2 years

Preparing to put gloss on these patriotic handmade polymer clay beads.

2 years

Bunches of new bright inked polymer clay handmade beads ready to get shined.