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Bare Sheep Yarn Company

Hello, My name is Jenny and I created the Bare Sheep Yarn Company. I have a studio on our Farm and really love what I do. I hand kettle dye and hand paint all of the yarns for sale on ETSY.

After years of not using my fine art school training and being frustrated trying to find "something" to do with my love for Art in the country (while enjoying motherhood), I decided to dye my own yarn. There were limited choices in our remote area.

And I love it!!! There were a few batches of muddy colors but 50 lbs of yarn later; I think I have it Watson... I like to use different yarn types, such as Thick and Thin, super Bulky rug, sock yarn, Country Roving and anything I can get my hands on.

So, I hope you enjoy my yarn, check out my website Knit with a smile on your face.


Now if I could only stop starting new projects and finish one hee hee.
Jenny Hutton