Handmade body piercing jewelry

Handmade unique body jewelry and accessories!

My name is Rony and I am the designer creator, photographer and do everything involved in running my shop.
This is one of my three Etsy shop and I am absolutely loving it! I love the independence and the freedom that comes along with it.
This is my full time job and I am proud and honored to be able to do what I love 24/7.
Making jewelry has always been a passion of mine.
I love to create all kinds of body jewelry everyone can wear, I create jewelry from 9K and 14K Gold, 925 sterling silver with all kinds of gemstones.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to contact me any time, either here on Etsy or at rony [!at]

My other jewelry shop ( everyday simple romantic metal jewelry )
Baronykajd Shop:

I also have a home decor shop that I share with my talented daughter Gal-
owner, maker, designer, curator, marketing
My name is Rony, and I’m an Israeli artist.
I’m married and have three children.
I live in a small city near the Mediterranean Sea.
I have a business degree from an Israeli University .
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