BarrierFreeClothing's Shop Announcement

Barrier Free Clothing is about making life easier for physically disabled individuals, without giving up style. I buy today's modern styles of clothing and modify them for handicap, and physically disabled children and adults. Barrier Free Clothing makes dressing, and using the restroom easier for those with limited physical mobility. Whether you dress independently, require some help, or are dressed by a caregiver, our apparel is convenient, functional, and makes your life easier.. Our adaptive clothing is for anyone physically challenged, physically disabled, and/or suffering from MS, ALS, MD, spinal cord injury, paralysis, non-ambulatory, pain, braces, casts, amputation, etc. Primarily we work with pants, jeans, shorts swim trunks, and casual wear.

Why? A labor of love.
I'm a mother of a 14 year old boy who has Muscular Dystrophy. He is in a wheelchair, and has diminished strength. The daily challenges he faces are overwhelming, but what he wants most is independence. Using the restroom, and getting dressed had become impossible without the assistance of an aide. Snaps, Zippers, hooks, pulling pants up or down were all daily obstacles. A great deal of time and effort went into looking for clothing options for my son, & found few companies selling adaptive clothing for children, teen, or young adults. After several purchases, and several returns I decided to "adapt" clothing my son actually likes. He's confident wearing current, stylish clothing and still has the modifications needed for continued independence.

Typical waist enclosures (Snaps, Zippers, hooks, buttons, belts) can be very difficult to manage when you are physically disabled. If you are non ambulatory, there may be several transfers involved as well. Barrier Free Clothing has the inseam removed and replaced with a soft, hidden, sewn-in velcro. This allows easier access for bathrooms, urinals, portable urinals, dressing, undressing, and personal hygiene. The waist enclosure remains secure, intact, and doesn't sacrifice personal style.
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