Handmade Jewelry in Silver, Gold and Stone

love, love, hammers
raw materials...the beginning
the indispensable flex shaft machine
fire... what more can I say
Stones. You can never have enough, ever

Making jewelry is my excuse to play with fire...

Really, that's my story.
I've done lots, and lots, of different things to get to this place. To me there is nothing quite like the wondrous things that occur to metals with some tools and, of course, fire. And then there's the stones. I'm like a dragon with it's hoard of shiny things. They are endlessly fascinating.
I started learning about metal working a bit later in life, and expect I will still be learning about it till the end. Being self taught means taking longer to learn a technique, but allows for some happy accidents too.
I have always made things. I would draw and make things with clay for hours. My grandmother, and mother sewed and crocheted, so I did too, but not as well. My family always valued a gift that was made by hand as a very special thing. They still do.
I find so much inspiration in nature, even though I'm not the 'outdoorsy' type. I also am inspired by the work of ancient cultures. My design style, while always evolving, tends to pare down the elements I like about both
I find it impossible to write about myself without breaking out in a rash, so very personal information will not be found here. I'll also forgo a photo of myself for the time being so that I remain a tantalizing enigma.
maker, designer
I'm a solo jewelry maker, self taught, imperfect, and determined to keep it old school.

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