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Spring/Summer 15 collection
Fall/Winter 14 collection
Lookbook FW14 shot by Dutch fashion blogger Tessa of @HeritageMode
Spring/Summer 15 collection
Catwalk final during Nacht van de Mode (Fashion Night) in Arnhem, NL

Slow fashion brand

Bartinki is the outcome of the life circumstances few years ago, when we moved country and were starting from scratch. At beginning I was more into crafting and recycling, and through this stage I found the unbelievably huge local source of vintage and deadstock materials. I simply followed the road and learned along the way since.

Over last years I built brand which is eco conscious - when it comes to materials or recycling of anything used during production - and social conscious as well. It is very important to make sure that everyone involved in production or photo shoots is happy and treated well.

To make my brand bigger and professional, I recently started to cooperate with a professional tailor. My ideas got wings... Now I have brick store here in Arnhem, NL, where we live, and I'm glad to say it is keeping us busy.

Making the collection is always a challenge. Since I work with deadstock (new unwanted materials, such as production excess, industrial cut offs) and vintage materials, I have to collect whatever I find. So the idea about collection starts with looking on what I actually have in my storage. Then the sketching and planning starts, develops through trial and error, into sample making. The production then splits between my tailor Vierka and me (she obviously gets the difficult part, but with her 37 years of experience nothing is impossible!).

My style is heavily influenced by my mums style. Child in 80's, teenager in 90's, I remember all her made to measure clothing from then and still keeps these treasures. It's not particular fashion items, but the way she combined and styled whatever she had. I don't think I will ever will go far from designs from 80's - from fashion to music, it all feels like me. Still developing my designing skills, I dream of sustainable slow fashion brand for affordable prices.

Understanding the importance of financial support, the proportion of my earnings goes to, the micro-lending organisation, which supports small businesses through non-interest loans. In my portfolio are mostly women working with second hand clothing.

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Brick store: Modekwartier Arnhem, Klarendalseweg 370, 6822GG, The Netherlands
Martina Kuipers
owner, maker, designer, curator
Bartinki uses 1 manufacturer.


  • Mrs Vierka Slovakia Very experienced and amazingly skilled tailor by profession, who not only helps to produce, but as well advises about what is the best for the certain design or item. As a bonus we have the same mindset and the same sense of humour!

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