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Custom Logo Design, Branding Design, Premade Logos. JOIN THE **BATES MERCANTILE CO. WORLDWIDE SOCIETY OF DISTINCTIVE DESIGN** : clients & customers from Maryland, Panama City/Panama, San Francisco & Los Angeles, Ontario, NYC, Georgia, Victoria/BC, Greece, Indiana, Australia, Oklahoma City, Texas, England, Czech Republic & so many more places. CUSTOM START DATE: 2/29. Please factor these dates into your design plan. ** A MODERN MERCANTILE FOR HOME & BUSINESS "Pam was amazing! Her logo designs are of such high quality that you realize you are getting design work comparable to what I've received from design firms in major cities for exponentially higher prices. She listened to our desires and goals and designed unique logos that captured those wishes and more." MRW, Raleigh Reclaimed & The Makers' Lodge - I'm having a blast in the studio thanks to our clients and customers! >> Custom Logo Design, Branding Packages, Graphic Design, Premade Logos, Original Archival Art Prints. I've owned and operated my own creative communications firm for 21+ years. I love working with small business owners, with a focus on fellow creatives, to help them brand their businesses for success through professional, well thought out, unique design solutions created just for them. Thanks for visiting!