Batik Clothing Artistry

Batik yoga pants Dark Gold and Lavender
Dresses drying mid-process
batiks in buckets of dye
freshly dyed yoga pants drying out
First Friday Art Walk at Studio Mantra in Downtown Eugene, OR

Freestyle Batik Artist

So nice to see you here!
My name is Victoria and I am the artist who designs these batiks. If you have a basic understanding of the process, then you may appreciate the uniqueness of this clothing. To those who are not yet familiar, batik is a way of designing fabric by applying molten wax, which then acts as a "resist" on the fabric as it is carefully dyed. This can be done in layers as each dye submersion creates a new color. With my technique, each piece is individually hand painted with 100% pure beeswax. The colors are mixed and measured in the daytime hours so that I can interpret the color process under natural light. The beeswax is eventually cleaned off with boiling water. Once the boil-out process is complete, the batiks are machined washed and dried. ensuring they are very durable for long time ahead.

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Curious about my batik supplies?

~ my beeswax comes from a local candle making supply shop, and also from various apiaries and wholesale outlets. It's a never-ending hunt.
~ My Procion dyes are purchased from Dharma Trading Company, based in San Rafael, CA. Check out their website for batik supplies.
~ The yoga pants and leggings come from American Apparel and/or Royal Apparel before I apply the batik.
~ All the organic cotton dresses and tops are sewn by me. I'm sorry I can not take custom orders for these items at this time. However I am open to receiving suggestions for ideas about styles and sizes.
~ The organic fabric comes from a local distributer in my town, called Sew Organics.
~ The organic cotton t-shirts come from American Apparel, and the organic cotton hoodies come from Royal Apparel.
Victoria Dresdner
owner, designer, Batik Artist
Self taught - self employed batik artist.
20 years experience.
Mother of four fantastic sons.
Pioneered out to the wild wild west.

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