From professional musician to public accountant to songwriter with National TV credits to LEATHERWORKER. What a combination!

Hi. My name is Roger. I live in a small rural town about 300 miles south of little 18 x 24 leather shop is behind my home. My philosophy of life is taken from
1 Thess: 4:11.

I haven't always made my living working with leather as I do now, but I've worked with leather a long time. I enjoy creating useful things out of raw material.

My first exposure to leather was in a little shoe shop my dad would take me into as a small child....and the smell of that place was amazing! My first real job outside of music was repairing leather my leather work goes WAY back.

I learned to play guitar at the ripe old age of 11 and played in bands all the way through school....and as an adult I made my living as a musician for more than 10 years ...spending about 45 weeks a year in motel rooms across this big ole USA. Needless to say, I grew tired of the travel. I started writing and recording songs back in the 90's and had recordings featured in Days of our Lives, Northern Exposure and most recently Friday Night Lights...all on ABC TV. Plus, the BBC and many other places less noteworthy. I still do this today in addition to my leatherwork.

After many diversions and frustrating attempts at my own plans, I learned that life has a way of happening, in spite of ourselves. Leatherwork is another creative outlet for me and I feel blessed to be allowed to work from home doing something I truly enjoy....along with writing and recording music.

Every leather product I craft is made with my own two hands, a few tools and high quality leather. Many hours can go into producing just one of my products as I hand stain most of the leather I use, hand cut it, and either sew it by hand or with an old fashioned hand crank stitching machine that could have been used a century earlier.

My products are completely built by me with NO exceptions. I never outsource my products nor do I use pre-made kits. Everything I do is from 'scratch'.

I've made everything you can imagine and was a holster maker for a couple years which provided a great education in working with veg tan leather and crafting case goods.

To that end, I hope you like my simple work. If you don't see something you need, give me a shout and maybe I can build it for you.

Professional road musician (who grew weary of the road), to public accountant (who grew weary of numbers) to songwriter (who grew weary of wondering where the next paycheck would come from) to leathersmith. Quite a varied background I would say.

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