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Crafting from a scientific approach.

I am self taught, and I've learned from experimenting with different materials and techniques to see what I can come up with and what comes out unique and interesting to me. Being a scientist, curiosity and experimentation is in my nature. As a scientist I look for connections and try to use logic to think through problems.

I use a similar approach when I crochet, bead, or approach new materials for my creations in my shop. As I look around me I constantly ask myself what twist can be added to an object to make it different and unique. I enjoy repurposing, recycling, and reusing objects to make something new and different. I like to find new materials for me to try and experiment with such as reclaimed sari silk ribbon, reclaimed cotton yarn, polymer clay, and metal wires to see what I can create with them. I also enjoy writing poetry and taking photographs. I find vintage and older items beautiful and love the story and the history of the pieces. Each item I make I am inspired be something, maybe it's the material, perhaps nature, or something I've noticed, so I try and give the background and story for each listing in my descriptions.

Since I have no training and haven't taken any classes, my creations are from just 'playing' with the materials to make something that I think is really interesting. I think that having no training gives me a unique perspective because when I work with a new material or I'm beading I 'don't know any better,' so to speak, so anything goes. As my shop motto says...there are endless possibilities!

I love the community here on Etsy and everyone is very supportive. It is great to have a place where I can share my hobby and personal creations and share that creative energy that is here among the talented artists here.
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I'm a scientist who has been crafting as a hobby most of my childhood. I started again recently and enjoy to experiment with different materials and inspiration to see what I can make. I make everything myself and run my shop myself.