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******WINTER Sale 20% OFF************************************************************* on all orders up to £20.00 and above ( excluding postage). To get your 20% discount please use a discount coupon code WINTERSALE ( all in capital cases) in the place provided for coupons when checking out. Thank you for shopping with us! Happy New Year and the best seasonal greetings to all of us!!!
Please follow this link if you need help in applying your discount coupon: .
Flat shipping rate: UK - £2.00 ;
Europe - £4.00;
Australia, New Zealand - £4.80;
Rest of the World - £4.50.
Shipping days: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

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DISCOUNTs: please note, that only ONE promotion offer could be used for the same transaction.

If you have personal discount coupons, please don't apply them on the top of any promotional offers or sales running in the shop or to any items from "Wholesale section". I will have to refund the items on which double discounts had been applied.

If you are interested in buying the same bead in a large quantity, please contact me for price quotes.
I'm on Etsy under 2 usernames:
1. "HandmadebyValentina" belongs to the shop "HandmadebyValentina" .This shop sells my handmade jewellery ( which I'm currently transfering from my supplies shop) ;
2. "Yashmacreations" belongs to the shop "BeadsandmorebyYashma" at . This shop offers for sale jewellery making supplies.
DISCOUNT COUPONS: please note, that only ONE discount coupon per transaction could be used.
Would you like to get involved with a little beading community????
Have a look here:
"Operation Tackle That Bead Stash!
Has your bead stash finally morphed from ridiculous to mildly horrifying? Join us as we try to tackle that stash and turn chaos into pretty things!" -

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