Handmade glass works & other creations by Jodi Hesting

Part of my creative work space.
Out back by our pool! I love the Arizona nights!
Me at work on the torch!
Me and my twin sister hanging out in Sedona, Arizona, one of our favorite places to frequent and draw inspiration from!
Playing with glass at my local art center!

Living my dream!

About me...well I am a full time artist and I also teach classes in glass working and various forms of jewelry making. I have been making my art for the last 20+ years, and I have been through many stages. I work mostly with hot glass, but also love to dabble in wood-burning(pyrograhpy), silver-smithing, jewelry creation, stained glass, painting, leather-work, crochet, and clay. If I stay creating in one medium for too long I get bored, so I move back and forth frequently, but melting glass always draws me back the fastest! Must be the pyro in me!

I am inspired by, and pull my designs from nature and my surroundings here in the Arizona desert. I love color and can't help but to use a lot of it!
I love living in Arizona and enjoy spending time with my hubby, kids, and fur babies, hiking, exploring, camping, star-watching, and listening to some beautiful Native American music while I burn some incense and create!

I am so thankful for the artistic path I have been able to live. I hope I can reflect my passion and love for the creation process in every piece that I create!

Thanks for checking out my stuff!
You can find my full range of artwork on my website

Jodi Hesting
designer, Artist
I am the owner and artist behind beadworx. I have been designing and creating for the last 20 years. I work in glass mostly, but also work in leather, metals, wood, acrylic paints, clay, and fibers.
Jodi Hesting

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