BeaniPet's Shop Announcement

BeaniPet introduces a lifestyle that is surrounded with peace, harmony, joy and love. So you and your love ones may enrich your life in an environment that is filled with little miracles; And these miracles are my Beanies.

Beanies are huggable animal pillow/bolster that have names, hobbies and characteristics that are individually unique. Each and every Beanie is carefully crafted and sewed to ensure the key ingredients: Love, Passion Joy and Hope is sealed with them. My Beanies are guaranteed to put a smile on your face when you meet them. And most importantly they are as special as you are – “One in the World.”

Every BeaniPet design is 100% handmade and sealed with love, passion, joy and hope. BeaniPet’s Signature is that every pillow/bolster comes with a pocket - an idea that is cute and useful. BeaniPet’s design is always “One in the World” making sure that it is unique and truly yours.

For more questions or just want to know more about my Beanies, feel free to convo me & Happy Shopping~*


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