BeattieMusikHaus' Shop Announcement

We write songs that are personalized for people and special occasions. We have been asked to write music for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, baptisms, first communions, family reunions, graduations, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas and other holidays and occasions. Please visit us at, and to meet us and hear some of our music.

Recently, a mother placed an order for a song for her husband to present as a gift from their two year old son for Father's Day. This is some of what she wrote after having received the song:

Dear Don and Delayna, Sitting here with tears in my eyes, reading the lyrics to the beautiful song you composed. It is just wonderful! I can't wait to play it. I will send a longer email after playing it, and to give you Dale's reaction. You captured beautifully the essence of what having Evan as our son means, and yes, there are definitely 'dogs barking' (from the lyrics) at our house quite frequently!! Love and prayers for you both.

The music arrived safe and sound today! . . . It is BEAUTIFULLY presented and I just can't wait to present it to Dale for Father's Day this weekend. . . . Also, I wanted you to know that I have played "Being Your Son" and the simple, yet lyrical melody just fits PERFECTLY with the lyrics. I just couldn't be happier with it.

We received the personalized Youtube video recording of the song today. I really don't know what to say, but I am just extremely moved and so wonderfully happy with the special performance of 'Being Your Son.' The two little girls (from our Youth Choir) who sang were just PRECIOUS beyond words! Love your piano arrangement for the piece as well. I will share more after we have the 'Big Premier' when all of our family is over to celebrate Father's Day with us. God Bless! Beth

Dale LOVED the song. He was VERY touched by it. When I presented it to him for Father's Day, he got the "glassy-eyed" REAL men don't cry look in his eyes. He was reading through it again yesterday before church and I know it means a great deal to him. My whole family was so impressed by the piece, as well as the video recorded performance that you made with the girls of your choir.

My Dad seemed especially touched by it and he related the first line, "The road less traveled," to the title of his favorite book by the same name. In fact, that book is very special to our family and it is so neat that you would have included those words without even knowing that. I have shared the video on my facebook page and I know that many other people are enjoying it as well. I just can't thank you enough for writing it for us. You guys are SO talented!! I will definitely be having you write some more songs for me, probably a piece for my Mom and Dad's wedding anniversary in September. God bless you both. Beth.

We have been composing music for more than thirty years and have been published by Edition HAS/Hal Leonard distributors, Warner Bros./Alfred Music distributors and are authors of the music curriculum of Piano Wizard Academy for Music Wizard Group. Other reviews of our music have come from the Governor of Alaska who liked our composition, "In Alaska," so much that he tried to make it the state song. "Please Grant My Wish for Peace" was written with the help of our third grade Sunday School class and was performed for President Bush at the Kennedy Center and President Clinton at the White House. The National Teachers Hall of Fame commissioned us to write "I've Found My Way" and on a more personal note, we composed our own wedding piece, "Home Again." Quite recently, we composed "Love That Now Begins" to celebrate a first communion and "Love Always True" as a memorial for a fellow's mother.

We would love to write for you and can do so pretty quickly. Please contact us through etsy or our website, to describe the song you wish composed and when you need it. We'll take it from there. Please see the listings in our Store for different listings of "Music Made to Order" as well as a small sampling of our compositions. We hope that our songs find a special place in the hearts and memories of those you love. Thank you and God bless.

Don and Delayna Beattie