Romantic, Eco-Friendly, Handmade Wedding Accessories

Making Beautiful the Forgotten.

While trying to find the perfect bits for my own wedding, I felt that eco-friendly whimsy was missing from the wedding selection.

After creating everything from bouquets to "the" necklace of my dreams, I thought, "I could make every woman's dreams come true". And so now I am setting out to do that.

I use as much recycled and upcycled materials as possible, and most of my wedding dress material comes from a local bridal charity, every cent of the $ I spend there on unwearable dresses go strait to a non-profit cancer fund.

Luckily I have amazing support from my husband, who may have even worked on the bouquet you receive!

Though my original designs are what I believe is the perfect whimsy, I know that your perfect will differ - and I invite that. I want to make your ideal accessories to fit with your dream wedding.

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Sheena Lewis
owner, maker, designer
Loves Dogs, Reading, Crafting, Weddings, and anything Beautiful.
Michael Lewis
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