BeautifulBabies' Shop Announcement


I hand select and create every crocheted item! All are made with a crochet hook, steady hand and creativity at my fingertips. Any of my items would make a perfect gift for the beautiful baby in your life. My Blankets are designed to fit in the bassinette, crib, car seat, carrier, stroller or bouncy seat and they will quickly become Mommy and Baby's "favorite blankie". The Booties and Mary Jane Shoes I make are soooo sweet for tiny feet! The Hats to compliment every Baby! All of my items are Machine Washable. I take great pride in being a crochet artist and hope you will enjoy them as much as I did creating them. I love to crochet so keep watching for new and exciting designs every week!

My Story.......
I love being crafty!! Thanks to my husband's work schedule, I get up at about 5:00am or earlier every morning to create! I’ve been doing it for about 4 years now. I started out making scarves and blankets from patterns. I no longer use patterns so each item is a creation made by me.

Here are two stories about the beginning of my Crochet journey....
My friend Diane was the first experiment with the convenient size blanket. I actually made her two blankets. One was from a pattern which was about 3 feet by 4 feet in white. It turned out Beautiful. (From my own experience with my baby, I was given a couple of hand made blankets. They were so pretty and a little too big for my liking that I hardly ever used them.) The second blanket was my own creation. I made a mini that was 28” x 21” in green, yellow and white. I thought it would be a more practical size to use every day. To my surprise, my friend said that she used it every day with her little one and never left home without it! She used it mainly in the bouncy seat, the bassinette and the car seat. And so, the mini blanket became my favorite gift!

Another friend Anna used her 21” x 21” mini blanket in a multi colored granny square pattern every time she put the baby in her car seat and I made her a second mini blanket in a shell pattern that she used every single night for her little one. Her favorite thing she liked about her blanket was the fact that they have holes in them. She felt her baby was safe while sleeping.

You will enjoy my creations as much as my friends and family do! I love making them and would love to hear your feedback about them too!

Here's a Great Feedback Story From one of my Wonderful Customers:
I already left you some feedback, but had to tell you about your magical booties.
I gave these as a gift to some friends as a wedding present, they've been ready to be married for quite some time and open about being ready for kids.
They didn't register since they'd been together for so long, they didn't feel they needed anything. The gift table at the reception was full of cards and one single wrapped gift - the booties.
Now the couple is proud to announce that they are expecting a baby in early February, conceived within a week of receiving the magical booties!
I thought you'd enjoy the story - and thank you for offering such a beautiful handmade pair of booties! My friends love them, and love to tell the story.

I am honored to announce that Embroidered Heirlooms has opened a bricks and mortar boutique and now has Beautiful Babies items in their Store!! Check out her online store for some exquisite Baptism Baby items!