BeautifulLanyards' Shop Announcement

Welcome to my Shop! I'm happy you stopped by. I've been making Lanyards for 5 years now. Here's my story and my inspiration. I am a flight attendant for a major airline. I cannot be at work without a lanyard around my neck. For years I had been hunting for someone who makes lanyards, and I found plenty of people who were only too happy to help me out! (I didn't know about Etsy then!) I can't even tell you how many lanyards I've purchased over the years. I've purchased some very pretty ones! Unfortunately none that have lasted more than a few months. With all the bending and pushing and lifting we do, they always catch and break on something and I kept finding myself on my hands and knees chasing beads around a floor at 36000 feet. (Just try to catch those little guys in a moving airplane!) My last attempt at a pretty pearl lanyard ended up in Mr 22D's coffee and Cesare salad as I tried to get his bag down for him. Although his Salad was much prettier than when he opened it, he didn't think it was as pretty as I thought it was. That was the last straw. I figured if I can't buy one, I had to make them myself. Thanks to all my co workers who received and tested my lanyards I'm happy to say they are unbelievably durable, reliable and of course...... Gorgeous!! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Because of my Lanyard experience, I found that I have a new love, Beading. I will be building my store up slowly, I hope you will be coming in to see what is new. So,.... why not change your Lanyard into a beautiful piece of Jewelry?

Note: All the Beautiful Lanyards I make are Break away. They are made to be able to resist breaking when caught on things. However I ask that you do not use the clasp as the main way of putting on the lanyard, the lanyard is made to slip over your head. This will give your Beautiful Lanyard a much longer life. I use a very strong "Mag Lok" magnet. I find them to be the best for my lanyards, however anyone that has a pace maker may not wear magnetic clasps. It may interfere with the pacemaker function. I price my lanyards by what is in them, the better the beading the more expensive, plus the time I've put into creating them. I have also put up the length of the lanyard and the weight, I measure the lanyards from clasp down to the edge of the hook, so to see where it falls, simply start in the middle of the back of your neck and down to the measurement posted on that particular lanyard. I put weight up by feel, a lot of people don't like to wear heavy pieces so I hope this helps out when choosing a Beautiful Lanyard. Please keep in mind that ID lanyards are made specifically for hanging your ID's on them. Please do not hang more than 1 or 2 lightweight keys on the lanyard. It is not made to carry keys. The keys will saw through the wire, especially if you've purchased one of the heavier Lanyards. This is a jewelry piece made specifically for your ID badge only.

Additional Note for HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY:
It has come to my attention that there are some in the Health Care Industry that cannot wear Magnetic clasps as it interferes with the RFID chip on your badges. In this case, please let me know and I will replace the Magnets with a Toggle clasp, Unfortunately, they will not be break away any longer, but will still be a Beautiful Lanyard!

Have fun shopping and remember, I will be adding things every week, so come visit often. Something may be waiting for you only!!

I ship all my products in bubble wrap, pretty tissue papers and jewelry bags. I take the utmost care so your new product is safe. I also do gift wrapping and gift messages. Please contact me with any special requests in the note from buyer section of your checkout, or convo and I will do my best to fulfill it.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.