Bella Puzzles. Wedding guestbook (guest book) puzzles.

Martha Stewart Weddings magazine was one of the first wedding publications to feature Bella Puzzles™.
Bella Puzzles™ are the perfect fit for rustic, bohemian, outdoor, and casual weddings.
Every Bella Puzzle™ arrives with storage box, instruction cards, and pens.
Every Bella Puzzle™ guest book includes expertly cut names and/or dates.
Bella Puzzles™ guestbooks are a very modern version of an important wedding tradition.

BELLA PUZZLES™ - Making wedding guest books fun and modern

When I got married, I made sure every wedding detail was of high quality and that it meant something to me. I wanted every dollar spent to be a great investment.

I’m sure you feel the same about planning your wedding.

My mission is to make sure you get maximum quality, function, and meaning from your Bella Puzzle™.

I'd already had five years of wooden puzzle-making experience when I started making guest book puzzles in 2010. When I chose to steer my traditional wooden puzzle business into the world of wedding guest books, I decided my wedding puzzle guestbooks would make a reputation for their beauty, quality, and uniqueness.

My skills, tools, and materials have been top of the line since day one - because my standards are high and I understand what makes an excellent puzzle. Every puzzle guestbook I make benefits from my love of puzzles, my design skills, and my early experience as a connoisseur and maker of traditional wooden jigsaw puzzles.

All Bella Puzzles™ and the techniques and designs I use to make them are 100% my own creations, and they always have been. I'm proud of the variety and uniqueness of my collection.

By the way, my Etsy shop only shows a handful of my puzzle styles. You'll only find my complete catalog of puzzles styles here:

I also offer a list of a la carte items and personalizations you can add on to your puzzle:

Since its start in 2010, Bella Puzzles™ have been noticed by bridal editors at major wedding blogs and publications. They've been featured in:

and more...

I put a lot of thought into your wedding puzzle's possible functions during and after the event. I’ve been saying this since the beginning, and it is still true five years later. A Bella Puzzle™ is:

- a personalized, luxury guest book alternative
- a fun activity for your wedding guests
- an heirloom, made to last for a lifetime
- a piece of art you can frame to enjoy every day
- a puzzle
- “It’s a guest book you’ll play with!”™

I hope you can see that this is so much more than a guest book. If you have questions about how to use it, you might find my article "How to use a Bella Puzzle as a guest book at your wedding" helpful:

I’d love to make a Bella Puzzle™ for you. Shall we get started?

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Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Lara Braithwaite
Owner and designer, BELLA PUZZLES



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Featured press quotes about BELLA PUZZLES™ guest books:

"When the party is over, you’ll have fun putting it together and reading the good wishes." --MARTHA STEWART WEDDINGS magazine

"Instead of having a guest book that you tuck away, how about a puzzle that you can enjoy for years to come?" --SOUTHERN BRIDE


Where to find BELLA PUZZLES™:


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