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Bellamente jewelry - unrestrained authenticity

Hi, I'm glad you visited my store on Etsy. :)

My name is Magdalena. I am the owner, designer and jewelry maker in my small business Bellamente.

Ever since I can remember I have been close to art, people and nature. I was most fascinated by the world of music, singing and Argentine tango, and my love for nature and freedom inspired me to travel to a variety of beautiful places. But when the moment came to discover a new passion - creating jewelry, I felt that this is something that perfectly reflects my emotions and that I can finally share with others what plays in my soul. I perceive the world very colorfully, I absorb every moment with all my senses and look at nature with great insight and fascination. Thanks to this in my hands the jewelry is created with great attention to detail.

Bellamente jewelry is like a musical story full of dynamics. It is just like the Argentinian tango. Sensual, characterful, full of femininity, and at the same time romantic, sentimental and delicate. This story is like us - women. Most importantly, it is authentic, because its task is not to "fill in the gaps in us", but to emphasize our natural, colorful femininity and beauty of mind. For this reason I have named my little company "bellamente" (from Spanish) - when written together it means "beautiful" or "aesthetically pleasing", but when you separate the word into two parts "bella mente" literally means "beautiful mind".

My idea is to convey through my artwork to women that they are beautiful and special when they are simply being themselves, when they are authentic and natural. Jewelry is used to accentuate what they already have in themselves, to be more courageous in self-expression, sensual expression and not suppressing their emotions, and sometimes to show "claw". Each of us is at some stage of working on greater self-confidence. Much joy gives me when my jewelry can accompany this natural development and remind me of how important it is. Raw textures, asymmetry, original forms, as well as symbolism associated with the world of fantasy - these are the forms of communication, which serve to strengthen the female power.

I hope that you too will find your "talisman of power" among my jewelry.

"Jewelry is just Cherry on top in the image of a woman who knows her worth and power."

Magdalena Gołba

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