BenchMarkCustomSigns' Shop Announcement

Welcome to the BEST and FASTEST sign shop on etsy. Personalized Family Name Signs make the best gift. Marriage gifts, anniversary gifts, business signs, man cave signs, newborn signs, engagement signs - you name it, I can make a carved sign for it. These aren’t just signs, they are family heirlooms.

I make custom signs carved into solid American hardwood. The names and images are carved deeply into the wood. The carving and finishing techniques produce an exceptionally high quality product that signs made by laser engraving, paint, or vinyl decals can simply never achieve.

Top reasons to buy your sign from me:

♠ Fast turnaround, no 8 or 21 day lead times like other shops. A typical sign ships out of my shop within 2 mailing days after an order is placed.

♠ The best designs, don’t settle for poorly executed copycats when you can have the original.

♠ Free proofs for every order. While some shops charge as much as $20 for this service I do not.

♠ I use only the top grade of genuine American hardwood. I don’t use knotty Pine, Polar, Cedar, or MDF, palowena or any other low grade material. The wood I use is the same as used for fine furniture, the wood other shops use is the same as used for shipping pallets.

♠ Most sign makers on etsy use MDF for their signs. MDF is an industrial waste product, it’s very cheap and totally devoid of beauty and character. My sign material cost is literally more than 20 times the cost of MDF so my prices are sometimes a little higher. Why settle for a MDF sign when you can get something made out of top grade hardwood ?

♠ This is a true one-man hand-made operation. There are no helpers or employees. When you buy a sign from me you are dealing with the designer, artist, packager, and floor sweeper.

♠ High quality carving. Light and shadow play off of the deeply carved facets, something that will never happen on painted signs or vinyl stickers. There is a considerable “wow factor” difference between carved signs and flat ones.

♠ I use a technique known as V-carving on the signs I make. This technique produces a far superior product as compared to flat “pocket” carving. The detail is much sharper, the carving is deeper and as already mentioned it creates light reflecting facets which change the appearance of the sign when viewed from different angles.

♠ High quality finish. I spray my signs with several coats of high grade finish. Most shops do not put any finish on their signs after the carving or application of stickers.

♠ Proofs for your approval. Many sign shops do not send proofs or they require you to specifically ask for them. I send proofs for approval for every order. These signs are going to be treasures and you want to know that it will look like you imagined. This also gives you the opportunity to make corrections and changes before it’s made. I do not charge extra for this service.

♠ Custom and unique designs, not just phrases and fonts, images and patterns as well. If you can imagine it, I can carve it.

Why settle for less when you can have an original design, made of the highest quality wood and shipped faster than anyone else all for the same cost or less ! If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

These signs also make great gifts, for yourself or anyone you know! They are great for weddings, engagement signs, anniversary gifts, newborn signs, business signs, man cave signs; let me make one for you !

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.