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Bertha, Lovely Bertha, Sometimes I Think You're a Dream!
Cockatoo Bride & Groom Amigurumis I made for a friend's wedding
The Infamous Brekkie Hat that started it all (Under Construction!)
Peacock Ribbon Yarn-My absolute favourite combo-Purple&Turquoise!!!
Our Bestseller 'Brain Food' silly fish hat

Pushing the Boundaries and Inspiring Others to Do The Same

After two years of being told by friends, family and strangers alike that my work was so amazing and unusual that I should open an online shop I finally took the plunge!

I started off on etsy with a picture of my most famous and raved about item;
the brekkie hat
(had I known where life would take me I would have taken much better pics, but that's another story)
and an item description from my heart about how I can make you whatever your heart desires with a hook and some yarn.

People had mostly asked me for hats in the past, so that's what I focused on initially but I am inspired by just about everything I see, which doesn't always translate well into a hat, and why should it; there are plenty of people in this beautiful, incredible world we live in who don't wear hats.

Equally abundant are people who appreciate the time and skill that goes into designing and crafting a beautiful, individual crocheted item, so although my shop name implies it, not everything here is bizarre.
I am also a lover of natural beauty, a perfectionist, an artist and a creator deep down in my soul.

I have always loved making things, particularly if it involves recycling something that doesn't need to be thrown away.
My Mum surely despaired of me as a kid;

"Oh My God, you're NOT going to throw that button/ sweet wrapper/ toilet roll middle away are you?!"

I went on to become a stonemason right out of school, partly to make things and partly to say


I've always liked whittling too, and plan to make my own artisan crochet hooks soon
stone / wood / yarn all speak to me, I am just the vehicle for them to become something more, a higher expression of their inherent natural beauty.

My Yarnbombing exploits were borne out of my love of making people laugh but in doing them I found I was inspiring others to get out there and attach things to lamp posts too. YaY!!!

This in turn has led to me opening a second shop, selling recycled sari silk yarns.
When I first saw these yarns myself I thought
'wow, those are BEAUTIFUL but what would I do with them?'
So I didn't try them for ages, until my Mum bought me some for christmas and then I was off!
I just played around with them, seeing how they were to work with, what kind of items work well with them etc.
After a couple of years of loving using them it occurred to me that there were still not many decent patterns out there for them and not many UK sellers of it either, so who better to fill that gap than me?

I love experimenting with new things, and breathing new life into anything made of a material I like, though as my crochet obsession has developed I have come to believe that yarn will be my primary means of expression from now on.
Well, or not. You never know where life will take you,
so come and join me for the ride; follow your dreams, believe in yourself and celebrate your individuality!
owner, maker, designer, curator
OK, Let me just set this straight right from the off...My crocheted wearable art is not JUST for goats!
Although if, like me, you class goats as people then we're off to a good start!

My motto is 'Only You Can Limit Your Own Beliefs, So Don't!'