BeyondUsual's Shop Announcement

CAME BACK to Etsy after couple of years with more time to dedicate to what I love.

Thanks for your interest in my shop and visiting my collection.
I hope you find what you are looking for in my collected work.

Don't forget to add my shop to your favorite list of shops as I will be adding more work.

If you see a design for a CARD or BEADED jewelry that you like but not in the color you would have wished, or if you prefer to have a card set for a theme, then please feel free to convo me and I will try to make your wish come true.

Feel free to request a gift wrap and I will try to accommodate you per requested gift wrap occasion

Please feel free to drop me an email and share your concerns and questions. (

I consider all my cards genuinely handmade because I do not use any electrical die-cut machines.
My bead projects are truly handmade in the sense that almost all my work requires picking up beads one at a time and stitching them together.

I dig through my stash of different shapes and colors for my beads or paper to find, mix and match designs from different projects and therefore, my pieces are truly one of a kind.
I also appreciate the saying: “half the fun is getting there…” because, with every step of either project as I pick up a different color, size or shape of bead OR paper, I have yet, another opportunity to be creative.
That is why I am excited every time I start a card or bead project.

All in all, you can be sure that whether it is a bead or a paper product that you are interested in, it was made with lots of eagerness and joy for the process in hopes of making a delightful piece as an end result.